Hibbitts Origin

Possible Origins of the name Hibbitts
Compiled by John Edward Hibbitts Austin, Texas
from "The Royal College of Heraldry" in London, England

The name Hibbitts, is a blending of two first names, Hibert and Elizabeth, over the years these have changed during the change of the language. The first mention of the name Hibbitts is in Cheschire and Lancaster, England. There are no castles or lost treasures, no Dukes or barons, we do not have a family coat of arms, we were always servers of the wealthy class.

Perhaps our family origins are in the wild tribes of Mercia, now called Mersey Side, on the banks of several rivers now long gone. We roamed from the Wirral to Lancaster and into Derbyshire. It is almost certain that some of the famous Long Bowmen of England, contained family members. There is a mention of a Hibbitts, in the early annals of the Grenadier Guards, and we served in the Indian Army during the days of the East India Company. During the Crimean war and also the British incursions to what is now South Africa, Hibbitts served as soldiers and NCOs.

Possibly the First Hibbitts to the "New World"
Compiled by Robert Matt Hibbett

John Hibit was transported to Stafford Co., Va. in 1665 by Henry Walker, who received 500 acres of land N.E. of Quanticutt Creek for bringing 10 persons to the New World. John Hibit appears to have been an indentured servant to Henry Walker.

By 1790 there were several Hibbett families scattered around Va., Delaware, Penn., N.C., Tenn., Maryland and New Jersey. All of these families could have been descendants of John Hibit. No other male passengers can be found entering the United States until 1822 through 1868 when we find Hibbett arrivals in New York City and Philadelphia.

By 1776, in Albemarle Co., Va. there were 4 signers of the American Revolution, William Hibbits, William Hibbits, Jr., Thomas Hibbits and Andrew Hibbits.

By 1778, in Cecil Co., MD. there were two signers of the American Revolution, James Hibbets and Robert Hibbets. These two brothers were from Lancaster, PA. and later moved to N.C. and operated a Tannery. In 1780 their father , James Hibbets died in Fort Monmouth, N.J. as a prisoner of the Revolution. It is readily apparent that the name Hibbitts has taken on several spellings from it's original form. James Hibbett (1760) had four sons, three of them purposely changed the spelling from HIBBETT to HIBBITT, HIBBITTS and HIBBETTS, not to mention James brother Robert (1764) who Spelled it Hibbitt.